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Getting in touch

Thanks for taking the time to check out what we do at the studio. Please feel very welcome to get in touch. The team will be happy to assist wherever possible and would love to discuss any comments or feedback you may have.


Open for business Monday to Friday
8.30am - 4.30pm

3 New Stables
Ingestre, Stafford
ST18 0RE
United Kingdom

Telephone: +44 (01889 270013)
Email: enquiry@aaronchetwynd.com
Twitter: @AaronChetwynd


Rainmark Films

" Rainmark Films is a new TV and Film production company based in London, and we wanted to create a space which was clean, elegant and functional and which also offered some flexibility for additional staff on an occasional basis.

We already had taken a lease on an empty floor in the old rag trade part of Oxford St - the top level room was bare except for the original wooden floors. There were also some interesting cross beams on the ceiling and metal windows.

Aaron's initial response to the room was that its features resembled the prow of a ship, and without taking this too extremes, this theme was carried through in the design - and visitor often do remark that it looks like a ship when they come in. As you can see from the website, it is utterly sleek and functional, a very unusual feature in the film industry where most offices are characterised by mess.

The key to this is storage, and Aaron created some amazing storage solutions for us; an irregular back wall covered in pipes was blocked off to become a whole wall of cupboards which go from floor to ceiling level, and include a large walk in cupboard containing all the computer equipment and a hidden kitchen.

Aaron's work was attentive to detail throughout the whole building works - right down to the fixtures and fittings and he saw it through to the bitter end. We had a few difficulties with our builders keeping to their schedule, and Aaron was very diplomatic in attempting to keep everything on course.

He was an extremely easy person to work with, and always keen to try and incorporate the clients ideas and accommodate our wishes.

If you would like to talk about Aaron's work further, then please call me on 0207 580 5200, but both Frank Doelger and I recommend him very cheerfully! "

Yours sincerely
Tracey Scoffield

Specta Properties Ltd, London

" I'm writing to confirm that we as a company have had business dealings with Mr Aaron Chetwynd. Our first contract was as the building company for a client of his, we found Aaron likeable, professional and great to work with. His drawings were superb and easy for us to work with, he quickly struck up a good relationship with our structural surveyor which again made for the smooth running of the job and keeping costs down. We enjoyed his modern approach and his interest in sustainable architecture and energy systems.

In the last nine years as a building company we have come across many architects and have not yet had any desire to recommend any of them as particularly outstanding. Aaron is however different, and to that end I personally commissioned him for our own home and have therefore also experienced him as a client. He didn't disappoint! Sophie (my wife) and I found him great to work with, he has a million ideas and I found that as a 'know it all builder' who never thought he would need an architect... that in fact we did indeed need him. Again his plans were perfect, he took us all the way through planning permission and has been instrumental in me creating our wonderful future new home.

I believe that whomever commissions Aaron as an architect will find that he is very creative (dealing with old and new ideas), very interested in modern products and clued up on sustainables. In short they would concur with this rather glowing letter! "

Philip Earl